Pro Audio Covers

We provide covers for pro audio and musical equipment, including amplifiers, effects units, keyboards, guitar amps, midi controllers, mixing desks, outboard racks, portable studios, samplers, speakers, studio monitors, synthesizers and turntables.

Our standard cover is a box shape but we are happy to customise covers on request. Please email us if you wish to customise your cover, for instance, with a sloping height, tapered body or handle cut out.

Our fabrics are chosen to offer the best protection for your equipment while also looking good in your home. Our standard cover comes in black but we are happy to accommodate requests for alternative colours.

We provide covers for the following brands:

Aguilar, Alto, Ampeg, Ashdown, Bad Cat, Behringer, Blackstar, Bogner, Brunetti, Budda, Carlsbro, Carr, Cornell, Cornford, Crate, Crest, Diezel, Dr Z, Elmwood, Engl, Epiphone, Fender, Fishman, Fuchs, Gallien Krueger, Genz Benz, Gibson, Glockenklang, Goodsell, Hartke, Hiwatt, Hughes & Kettner, JMI, Koch, Laboga, Laney, Line 6, Makie, Marble, Mark Bass, Marshall, Matamp, Matchless, Mesa Boogie, Musicman, Orange, Peavey, Phil Jones, Presonus, Randall, Rivera, Roland, Samson, Selmer, Soldano, Sound City, SR Technology, Tech 21, THD, Trace Elliot, Traynor, Tube Town, Two Rock, Yamaha, Victoria, Vox, Zinky, Wharfedale.

Don't worry if your brand is not listed here. We can make a cover for any make of equipment if you provide us with the dimensions.

Request Dimensions
If you do not have the dimensions please email us at providing your equipment make and model. We will email you back with the dimensions to enable you to order.

For more information on how to order your custom made cover please visit our how to order page or go directly to our buy online page to enter your dimensions and get an instant quote.